UKEB end piece

Sendzimir hot-dip galvanized end piece, closes screed-covered duct ends.

Continously hot galvanized (Sendzimir process) (DIN EN 10346)
UKEB 35-30S20 mm300 mm0,13 kg
UKEB 35-40S20 mm400 mm0,16 kg
UKEB 35-50S20 mm500 mm0,19 kg
UKEB 60-40S45 mm400 mm0,41 kg
UKEB 60-50S45 mm500 mm0,64 kg
UKEB 85-40S70 mm400 mm0,75 kg
UKEB 85-50S70 mm500 mm0,86 kg
UKEB 110-40S95 mm400 mm0,93 kg
UKEB 110-50S95 mm500 mm1,1 kg
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