Building Technology

Building Technology

When technology also keeps people together.

One large entity only functions flawlessly when all the components work together smoothly. And in the building services engineering sector no one project is the same as the next. Depending on the technical infrastructure, the requirements that need to be met by cable clamps and cable support and underfloor systems are as diverse as they are varied. People come together for any number of reasons – to work, shop learn, relax, exercise, or simply to “live”. :

The electrotechnical infrastructure must be both secure and resilient. Logistics and data centres are therefore reliant on a smooth flow of data so that workers in office and administrative buildings can organise, communicate and act with efficiency. Here, just as in other places where sending and distributing information is a core business activity, power outages and data flow failures can jeopardize business objectives. A power failure in a healthcare environment can have life threatening consequences. Intensive care in particular demands high levels of reliability and safety – which we support with our services.

We guide miles of supply lines comprising bundled cables and pipes through shopping malls, education and research centres, sport arenas, hospitals, office complexes, and more. Our highly resilient and fire retardant cable management systems protect against –

  • moisture
  • fire
  • mechanical impacts and contamination

PUK is a manufacturer of cable management and underfloor systems which operates globally and develops individual, reliable, safe and competent solutions for application in every building environment. To ensure the safe and reliable flow of power and data through the electrotechnical infrastructure.

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