Mesh cable tray, U-shape, certified including electrical conductivity according to DIN EN 61537/VDE 0639.

This item is available in stainless steel AISI 304.

galvanized, according to ISO 4042
heightwidthlengtht material thicknessweight
G 60-06ZP60 mm60 mm3000 mm4,40 mm1,95 kg
G 60-10ZP60 mm100 mm3000 mm4,40 mm2,85 kg
G 60-15ZP60 mm150 mm3000 mm4,40 mm3,53 kg
G 60-20ZP60 mm200 mm3000 mm4,40 mm4,20 kg
G 60-30ZP60 mm300 mm3000 mm4,90 mm6,15 kg
G 60-40ZP60 mm400 mm3000 mm4,90 mm6,99 kg
G 60-50ZP60 mm500 mm3000 mm4,90 mm9,01 kg
G 60-60ZP60 mm600 mm3000 mm4,90 mm10,35 kg
Hot-dip galvanized, according to BS 729 (DIN EN ISO 1461)
heightwidthlengtht material thicknessweight
G 60-20F60 mm200 mm3000 mm4,40 mm5,40 kg
G 60-30F60 mm300 mm3000 mm4,90 mm6,65 kg
G 60-40F60 mm400 mm3000 mm4,90 mm7,90 kg
G 60-50F60 mm500 mm3000 mm4,90 mm9,84 kg
G 60-60F60 mm600 mm3000 mm4,90 mm11,10 kg
G 60-06F60 mm60 mm3000 mm4,40 mm2,10 kg
G 60-10F60 mm100 mm3000 mm4,40 mm3,18 kg
G 60-15F60 mm150 mm3000 mm4,40 mm4,29 kg

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Details / Applications - G 60
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